Forgive me


Please forgive me I have been so busy lately. Here's what I am going to put up soon on my website:
  • Behind the scenes on the albino documentary (I am doing the finishing touches on the editing now)
  • Behind the scenes from the latest Tanzanian movie I just finished acting in called "Another Wife"
  • Pictures of the billboard me and Mwisho did since it is now out in Dar es Salaam
  • Pictures of the BBA3 Launch Party even though it is old now

I keep saying I am going to update but I am always working and in meetings but I will try my level best to work on this on the weekend. I am not ignoring you guys. Thank you to all of you who still check for updates. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard my friend, cannot wait for the updates, my eyes will be glued to your Webbie in anticipation.

You, Ricki and "you know who" must enjoy your evening. We are sure it is going to be a blast, just so envious Bev and I cannot also be there with you all tonight!!!!!


Lots of Love as always

Merle and Bev xx

Anonymous said...

rich i been waitin to hear bout dis. ill keep waitin bro

Anonymous said...

Richard you have alot of good stuff going on. Keep it up. I knew you would make it!

Hilaria said... are forgiven dawg and i'm waiting patiently for all the updates...keep up the good work and for sure you are on your way to the top.

JULIE NAM said...

OOh atlast Richard..Thanks for remembering us lol .. we are eagerly waiting , i think, me and Hilaria , we are going to promote ur movies here, what do you think Hilaria ? Just kidding lol.. We are happy that you are doing well .. will keep praying for you ..we didn't make a mistake at all .. you are our winner ..all Richard wanna be will come and go.. but the real Richard is here to stay ..Much love brother ..