Playful at home

BBA3 Profile Shoot

I had some visitors from South Africa to film my profile shoot for the opening of Big Brother Africa 3. They wanted to know what I had been up to since the show and how life is now. I had fun signing autographs and showing off for the camera. Here are a few shots from that time.

Forgive me


Please forgive me I have been so busy lately. Here's what I am going to put up soon on my website:
  • Behind the scenes on the albino documentary (I am doing the finishing touches on the editing now)
  • Behind the scenes from the latest Tanzanian movie I just finished acting in called "Another Wife"
  • Pictures of the billboard me and Mwisho did since it is now out in Dar es Salaam
  • Pictures of the BBA3 Launch Party even though it is old now

I keep saying I am going to update but I am always working and in meetings but I will try my level best to work on this on the weekend. I am not ignoring you guys. Thank you to all of you who still check for updates. Peace.