Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela

If by some strange fluke you ever read this Mr. Mandela then - Happy 90th Birthday. I can only dream of making a difference in this world like you have. You are an inspiration.

Stop the Killings!

My idea to make a documentary about the albino killings is slowly turning into a campaign. I have been meeting with government officials and I have more appointments this week. I am so happy that people are really taking interest in this human rights issue.

When I was in Mwanza, a journalist named Nashon Kennedy from HabariLeo wrote a story about what I am working on. The story is in Kiswahili, sorry about that for the English speakers. Here is the link:


This is not just an issue affecting Tanzania and I hear that there are some cases of albino killings in other African countries. If any of you have stories, contacts or ideas on how to stop this violence, email me at richard@richardbba2winner.com

Documentary Update

Hi. I'm back from Mwanza but still shooting the documentary on the senseless killing of albinos. Another one was killed on Monday. Today I met with a witch doctor. Witch doctors are known for provoking the killings but the one I met had another view on it. I am going to try to get shooting done this week. Here's me hard at work: