I am going to Mwanza

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow I am going to Mwanza (a region beside Lake Victoria) to do shooting for a documentary I want to make about a very important topic in Tanzania right now. You can read all about it in this newspaper article: http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/06/08/africa/tanzania.php. It is very shocking.

I am sorry I did not get time to put up my UK pictures but I promise I will do it when I get home on the weekend. While you are waiting you can see I video I put to entertain you in the video section of my website: www.richardbba2winner.com/fm/videos.html



Bev said...

Much respect ... you have your heart & mind in the right place Richard!!!

I hope that this serious topic that you have chosen to film makes a differance in the future to these abused and victimised people.

The public and especially the TZ government need to be made more aware what is happening ... and then hopefully something can be done to help.

All the best with this project.

Love & best wishes from South Africa


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard

Finally , you are starting to pursue your dream. Thats great and I am really happy for you.

Piece of advice for free- Love with your heart and not with your head.

Hilaria said...

Hi Richard,

I'm so happy that you are starting to do what you like doing and pusuing your dream of filming. I hope your film will help to make people understand and hopefully help these poor people who are being victimised.

I'm so happy for you and much respect for that.

Good luck dawg and keep on keepin on.

Much Love

Anonymous said...

I like that comment that someone left about loving with your heart. When I saw you and Ricky together I could tell you were loving with your heart. Bravo Richard for everything you are doing.

Julie Nam said...

Hey ..am glad my prayers are answered ...WOOOw Richard that is what we call winning

Go Buddy ...GOOOOO