What I did last week

Hi everyone,

A lot of people have been asking me what I do on a regular day. Last week was a busy one for me. I got my new video camera from Dubai as well as my iMac for editing. I have been learning a lot about Final Cut Pro. I also got one professional light and more lights and my sound equipment has been ordered so I am on my way to having a production company. The dolly and crane I ordered are still being custom made.
Also last week I had some fun with my brother Louis and my friend Robert. I remembered to bring the camera so here are some fun pictures for you.


Hilaria said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for keeping us your fans updated on what you are up to these days...we really appreciate it. I'm so happy for you dawg with everything that you have achieved so far....just keep on keeping on and you will make it. I believe in you and i will always support you. Richard Bezuidenhout Production Company..now that sounds nice.

Just take it easy dawg!!!!

Nyanda Finda said...

Hey Richard, keeping in touch with us means so much to us. We really appreciate it. Can't wait for that movie player #1 to debut on dstv. By the way u've always have the support of Liberia(West Africa.Shout out to ur lovely wife. Take it easy dawg

Anonymous said...

Hey baby,
You will always be the real bba winner even if another bba is coming. i am happy to hear the direction your live is taking. keep it up man.

Tsotlhe said...

Rich keep updating us on your projects - you know we are rallying behind you and one important thing always make sure Ricky is happy - that's a must. You did have fun with Louis and Robert playing pool something to relax by - at your spare time always have fun and enjoy.

Bev said...

Hey Richi ... always good to see that you keep your blog updated my friend.

Even better to see is that you are spending quality time with your brother Louis and keeping your self constructively busy with preparations for your career in filming.


Love as always from SA


Merle said...

Hmmmmm !!!!!! I see you went to the Driving Range at home , did the bug bite after trying at the Waterfront that evening in Cape Town, of course as usual you will not let up until you have perfected it. So Richard you will have to come back to Cape Town to also perfect the Ice Skating because you were getting the hang of it very quickly. Enjoy Merle

Anonymous said...

Hallow Richie Boy...You have done a good job by going back to your wife...I can see that the two of you are progressing well. Good to see you and your brother having a good time. He was there during your days in the big brother house...hope you are treating him well.

Where is the old man and Linda. May God bless you and your family.

JULIE NAM said...

YEEAH Richard ,Keep up the good work !

Thanks for the update ..We are eagerly waiting for another Big brother africa ...Hope they won't remind us of you lol

BTW ..Hope your contacts are still the same ?

Give my Hug to Ricky