Bertha gets Baptized!

My good friends Ambajo's are such big BBA fans that they named their daughter after Bertha. Bertha Chelsea Mbajo was baptized on Sunday. Here I am with baby Bertha:

And here is Ricki with Rose (Mama Bertha) and the baby.

Thanks to Methusela and Rose for inviting us to your daughter's baptism.

Stray Horses

In Lagos instead of stray dogs wandering the streets they have stray horses. This is very strange to me since in Tanzania you almost never see a horse. Someone told me they get abandoned when they get sick or are not healthy to play polo. Nigerians, is that true? I hear that they even get hit by cars. I saw one causing a traffic jam when it was standing in the middle of the road. This picture is in fromt of the Palms in Lekki.