Poor Omari

Tonight I asked our gardener to go buy me phone credit at the shop down the road and some drunk asshole didn't want to let him pass on the road and gave him a punch in the face. Pole sana Omari that's a nasty bump on your head.

Dala-dala of the week

I wonder if there is a sekendi born too?

Friday Night!

On Friday my Dad invited me, Louis and Ricki out for some beers and dancing in Tegeta an area in the north of Dar near my place. It was nice to have the time to chill with my family since life has been so hectic lately. We really got a chance to relax and not worry about anything. As you can see my dad still wears his Big Brother hat.

Saturday Night

I was invited by my new friend Alfredo to Mediterraneo for their pool side party. Alfredo is a Producer working with Epic Productions from L.A. and he is a really cool guy. The music was great and so was the atmosphere (people in Dar know how cool this place is). Here I am with some new friends:

Dala-dala (city bus) of the Week

I was driving behind this dala-dala I could swear that it was driving at 100km per hour on the city streets.